Amerivespa is the national Vespa scooter rally sponsored by Vespa Club of America (VCOA). Each year, the VCOA requests local clubs who are willing and able to host Amerivespa to bid for the chance to co-host this great event. This is Amerivespa’s 28th National Rally!

Think your city/club has what it takes to host Amerivespa check out these planning guides.



Amerivespa provides a national event for Vespa enthusiasts to share their love of scootering with each other and to promote motor scootering as an alternate form of transportation. Amerivespa is staged annually in different cities throughout the USA.

Club Overview

VCOA is a 501(c) non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to riding Vespas, and is a community sharing their passion of Vespa ownership in the United States. Members share a passion for vintage and modern scooters. We gather to celebrate our love for Vespa with like-minded people.  We strive to portray the scooter community in a favorable light, promote education & awareness. We ride for our own benefits, but we also ride for community and comradery as well.


Amerivespa invites all scooterists to celebrate with us, no matter what you ride. Classic or modern, Vespa, Lambretta, Heinkel, Fuji, Cushman, Kymco, Honda, and all other motor scooters are welcome. Typically the 4 day event includes meet n greets, local rides, vendor show, scooter concours, skill events, award and banquet show, and a raffle with great prizes!

....And Now a Word from our Sponsors

Amerivespa couldn’t happen without help from our sponsors. Visit our Sponsor Page and support our sponsors who are major contributors in hosting Amerivespa . Please see our sponsor page for all of our supporting sponsors and vendors.


Past Amerivespa Locations


2020 (Minneapolis/St. Paul MN)

2019 (Lake Geneva, WI)

2018 (Richmond, VA)

2017 (Seattle, WA)

2016 (Memphis, TN)
2015 (Indianapolis, IN)
2014 (New Orleans, LA)
2013 (San Diego, CA)
2012 (Lake Geneva, WI)

2001 (Oklahoma City, OK)

2000 (San Diego, CA)

1999 (San Diego, CA)

1998 (Knoxville, TN)

1997 (Knoxville, TN)

1996 (Manitou Springs, CO)

1995 (Manitou Springs, CO)

1994 (Springfield, MO)

1993 (Springfield, MO)

2011 (New Orleans, LA)
2010 (San Antonio, TX)
2009 (Los Gatos, CA)
2008 (Chattanooga, TN)

2007 (Seattle, WA)
2006 (Denver, CO)
2005 (Cleveland, OH)
2004 (Salt Lake City, UT)
2003 (Madison, GA)
2002 (Portland, OR)

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