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IMPORTANT: Parking at Little America during Amerivespa

We are expecting a lot of trailers this year and parking can be tight at hotel so need everyone's help who is staying at Little America to please work with us. Parking is first come first served. We ask that ONLY people registered at Little America Hotel park in the area or the spots mentioned here. You risk being towed and we really want to avoid that. You will be given a window sticker at check that will go in your window and needs to have your name and phone number on it for ANY of the parking options listed below.

Parking Options - First Come Basis:
1) Park in closed off parking (Red on Map below) if you are pulling a trailer and park your bike next to your trailer once you pull it off. Only park on edges of lot (the white lines) not in the center (Fire trucks need to be able to pass). Pull forward to trailer in front of you, leaving space so they can drop their rear gate.
2) If not pulling a trailer, can park in any other spot @ hotel (ie pick up with scooter in bed, receiver hitch type motorcycle rack)
3) Little America Truck Stop Parking: If closed-off trailer parking is full (Red on Map below) you are welcome to park in 1 of 2 Truck Stops the Hotel owns (Next to Hotel & Across Street, Butler Ave). It is at your own risk. Please look to share those spots with other Attendees as these Truck Stops often fill up with big rigs over night. 
4) If you are in a Truck (i.e. U Haul / Ryder etc) you may not park in the hotel lot; please park in one of the Truck Stops or find another location outside hotel.
5) Overflow Lot: Christ's Church of Flagstaff has volunteered space. NO TRUCKS OF ANY TYPE, ONLY CARS WITH TRAILER! See map below, about 5 minutes away from hotel. You may ONLY park in the West lot marked "Office" (they run a school and need other empty). No hanging out. No sleeping in you car. Please unload your scooter and leave.

Parking Overview:


Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 10.56.56 PM.png

Overflow Church Parking Option:

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