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Roadside Assistance and Emergency Contacts

In the event of any type of accident or emergency call 911.

If you need roadside assistance call 866-454-4260

This is the number for Vespa Club of America Roadside Assistance. As all attendees are require to be members, you have this program included with your membership. More information can be found here:

Local Motorcycle / Scooter Shop:

GOAZ Flagstaff

1400 E Butler Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

(928) 526-7959

General safety tips:

- Drink lots of water and bring water with you. This is Arizona, although it's not as hot as Phoenix, Flagstaff can occasionally get very warm, over 90 degrees.

- Make sure your bike is in good condition. Several of these rides are long, go up in altitude and are long empty stretches. If you don't feel your bike is up to it, choose rides that are shorter and closer to the starting points.

- Have a phone or GPS attached to your scooter, you may not always have a ride leader with you for directions. 

- If you can, bring a tire patch kit, air pump and batter charger / jumper (and know how to access your battery.

- Check all the fluids, if water cooled,  check level.

- Bring and use SUNSCREEN. It sun is no joke in Arizona.

- Bring rain gear if possible. There can be small afternoon rain showers in Flagstaff... we'll be up there before monsoon season, but best to be prepared.

- Please read the MSF Group Riding Guidelines before coming.

Always come full on gas before each ride and fill up at ride pit stops. 

- Jetting or Carburetor information for high altitude riding:

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